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PerambalurPerambalur is a small town and the administrative central office of the Perambalur district located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. The town is a significant location in the state as Perambalur is the geographic central town of Tamil Nadu. It is substantive to mention that Perambalur town is the largest town in the territorial dominion of Perambalur.

Being the central town of Tamil Nadu, the urban area is well connected by road. Besides, Perambalur is an important junction where National Highway 45 (Chennai-Tiruchirappalli and Dindigul and Theni) and National Highway 226 adjoin. Furthermore, Perambalur plays a reasonable role in the economic system of the state as the region is moderately rich in mineral deposits.

History of Perambalur

The history book of Perambalur extensively addresses about the Marathas, the Nawabs of Arcot, Tipu Sultan and the rule of the British under whom the domain was governed from time to time. During the year 1741, the Marathas conquered Tiruchirappalli (aka Trichy) and held Chanda Sahib also known as Husayn Dost Khan (was the son-in-law of the Nawab of Carnatic Ali Dost Khan and the Mughal Empire’s Nawab of the Carnatic from 1749 and 1752).

Subsequently, Chanda Sahib came through in procuring freedom in 1748, and was actively engaged in the eminent War for the Nawabs' place in the Carnatic against Anwardeen, the Nawab of Arcot and his male offspring Mohammed Ali. Mohamed Ali seized the two palayams of Udayarpalayam (a panchayat town in the present day Ariyalur district) and Ariyalur located in the administrative boundaries of territorial dominion of Ariyalur because of their unfitness to offer the tributes and their weakness to aid him in beating the rising of Yusuf Khan.

During the year 1764 (November), the son of the Nawab of Arcot, Mohammed Ali staged the matter to the Madras Council and received military help in 1765. Umdat ul-Umra or Ghulam Husain Ali Khan also known as Ghulam Hussainy and Donald Campbell moved into Ariyalur and conquered it. The Poligar along with his parades escaped to Udayarpalayam and on January 19th, the ground forces entered Udayarpalayam and the Poligar troops were overcame. Later, the palayams were invaded. The eluded poligars took protection in a Danish settlement, viz. Tharangampadi. The inclusion of the palayam eased up an unchallenged command over all his soils to the Nawab broadening from Arcot to Tiruchirappalli.

The following years in the history of Perambalur witnesses a series of power conflicts between Hyder Ali followed by Thippu Sultan with British people.  After Thippu Sultan, Brits acquired the civil and armed forces governance of the Carnatic in the year 1801.  Hence, Tiruchirappalli fell into the might of English people and the territorial dominion was took shape in 1801. During the year 1995, Trichy was divided into three parts and Karur and Perambalur were formed. 

Geography and Demography of Perambalur

The geographic coordinates of the town of Perambalur is 11.23°N 78.88°E. The total area of the small town is 20.59 square kilometers and the approximate altitude of Perambalur is entered as 469 ft (143 m).

The town is located in the southern tableland and hill geographical zone of Agro-climate regional planning with features of semi-arid climatic conditions. The soil in the town is preponderantly black soil and red loamy. The mean rainfall of the region is recorded as 908 mm which is a bit lesser than the average rainfall of Tamil Nadu, which is 946.9 mm. River Cauvery, is the most significant river coursing through the region.

Demographic Information of Perambalur:

Population of Perambalur: 49,648 (Census 2011)
Male Population: 24,659
Female Population: 24,989
Population of Children (with Age 0-6): 5,190 (10.45 % of total population of Perambalur)
Scheduled Castes: 29.43%
Scheduled Tribes: 0.29%
Sex Ratio: 1,013 females for every 1,000 males
Child Sex Ratio: 938
Literacy Rate: 90.20 %
Male Literacy: 94.36 %
Female Literacy: 86.12 %
Number of Households: 12,732

Economy of Perambalur

Agriculture and related business in the municipality town of Perambalur is the primary contributor to the economic system of the state. The soil type in the region is considered most beneficial for farming dry crops. The district has a high means of temperature and low degree of humidity.

As the region features a high temperature and low level of humidness, sugarcane is farmed in large scale as a major commercial crop of this region. Besides, Perambalur is the home of a multi product Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and a largest plant of MRF tires - an India-based establishment involved in manufacturing, commercial distribution and sale of various kinds of vehicle tires.

Quick Facts:

Geographic Coordinates: 11.23°N 78.88°E
Status: Municipality Town
District: Perambalur District
State: Tamil Nadu
Elevation: 469 ft (143 m)
Number of Wards: 21
Address of Perambalur Municipal Office: Thuraiyur Road, Perambalur - 621212 (Landmark: Near Canara Bank)
Languages: Tamil and English
Telephone Code: 04328
Primary Occupation: Agribusiness

Travel Information:
Nearest Airport: Tiruchirappalli International Airport (IATA: TRZ, ICAO: VOTR) - 61 km
Nearest Railway Station: Ariyalur Railway Station (ALU) - 22.43 km
Nearest Bus Stand: Perambalur Old Bus Stand (for intra-town transport) and Perambalur New Bus Stand (for State Express Transport (SETC) and Inter-District Transport (TNSTC) Buses)

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